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Out of all the health products that have come on the market recently, nothing raises as many questions as cannabidol or CBD oil.  First things first, CBD oil is completely legal and will not get you high!  CBD is derived from the cannabis plant, of which marijuana is a species that contains the psychoactive tetrahydrocannabidol (THC) which is illegal and does get you high.  Legally, CBD oil can only contain trace amounts of THC, with reputable manufacturers doing regular testing to ensure safety and quality.  

CBD oil is often recommended for a variety of conditions such anxiety and pain, particularly in joints.  One of the main reasons that CBD can be effective for these conditions is due to its anti inflammatory properties.  Oils such a CBD suppress the production of chemicals called cytokines which are part of the immune system, when these are reduced, movement can be improved and pain reduced.  One of the reasons that CBD is so effective is that we have endocannabiol receptors throughout the nervous system, our bodies naturally produce cannabidol like substances.

CBD also has antioxidant properties which also prevents and reduces cell damage, particularly around damaged areas.  The mitochondria which are the organisms which are responsible for energy production are particularly susceptible to cell damage. Oil such as CBD not only heal the mitochondria but also but also help to improve their efficiency.  

CBD can be taken in many forms and strengths, one size does no fit all. At Bawtry Natural Health have done our research to offer you the best pure quality oil, capsules and balms. Our customers have have told us they have had improvements in sleep, vitality and energy, pain reduction, relaxation and help with anxiety. Click here to shop CBD

Always consult your Doctor or practitioner before taking supplements.

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