Planet Paleo Pure Collagen Keto Coffee 213g


Collagen Keto Coffee is a mixture between delicious organic coffee, healthy MCT fats and clean protein from pasture raised Pure Collagen to help you switch on and power through your day. MCT’s are a type of fat that are easily digested and provide instant clean energy to your body and brain. Deliciously creamy, Collagen Keto Coffee is an ideal way to get those all-important healthy fats and high quality collagen peptides missing from our modern day diets in a tasty and easy form that won’t break a ketogenic state. Satisfying and sustaining- make it your new go-to morning brew.

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Pure Collagen (Bovine Collagen) Keto Coffee Blend (Roasted Coffee*, Coconut MCT Powder*, Cardamom*, Vanilla) *Organic ingredients

Product Information Per Serving
Pure Collagen (Bovine Collagen) 5000mg
Keto Coffee Blend 3520mg
(Roasted Coffee*, Coconut MCT Powder*, Cardamom*, Vanilla)


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