OrganiWash 75ml



For cleaning OrganiCup before insertion/after removal and as a pH-balanced intimate wash for your body. Contains 75ml.

Ships in plastic-free packaging

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For menstrual cup use
Wash your hands and cup using a small drop of OrganiWash and water before insertion and after removal.

For body use
Pour a small amount of OrganiWash onto your hand, apply to the external parts of your vagina and rinse. Can also be used as a facial and overall body cleanser.

Why use a pH-balanced wash?

Cleansing a menstrual cup with regular hand soap can cause discomfort, irritation and even infections for some women.

Therefore, we recommend cleansing your cup using a mild, pH-balanced, perfume-free soap such as OrganiWash.

On occasions without access to water, we recommend our OrganiWipes.


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