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Amatsu is a Japanese therapy that orginates from martial traditions.  Previously passed down from master to student, the current head of the tradition is Dr Masaaki Hatusmi from Noda City in Chiba province in Japan.  In 1995 Dr Hatsumi Broke with tradition and granted teaching rights outside of Japan and there have been over 100 students taught the UK. 
Amatsu is primarly a structural therapy that works balancing the interaction of five aspects of health, Structure (the tissues of the body such as bone and muscle), chemical (the food we eat and how we absorb it), Energy (the meridian systems in Chinese medicine), emotional (our thoughts and feelings) and the way we interact with our environment.  As you can appreciate these factors all overlap, for example muscles need energy to function which is obtained from food, digestion can be effected by our emotions, I mindset can be effected by our work environment and so on.

Amatsu Therapist Taz Faruqi
Taz qualified in Amatsu in 1998 whilst studying for a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science and Human Biology.  During his career he has help people with variety of conditions including  sciatica, IBS, back and neck problems, headaches, migraines and many others.  He has also studied or gained qualifications in a variety of therapies including Neuroliguistic programming, acupuncture, Chi Gung and is currently part way through a nutitional therapy diploma.
As a senior teacher with the award winning Amatsu training school since 2000 and currently the chairman of Amatsu therapy international, Taz is grealty involved in developing and furthering the name of Amatsu.

Taz recieving the ICNM best practitioner award 2014.