LoofCo Outdoor Scrubbing Brush


LoofCo Outdoor Scrubbing Brush

Go green with this biodegradable, recyclable scrubbing brush from LoofCo. This brush is ideal for keeping your outdoor décor spick and span – great for scrubbing down garden furniture, patio tiles, pots and more. This vegan-friendly and plastic free brush uses directional coir coconut fibres and a rust-proof galvanised steel middle that provides thorough cleaning for rough and delicate surfaces. The durable design keeps this brush cleaning for months, and once it does wear away you can easily recycle it.


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LoofCo Outdoor Scrubbing Brush

Each one of these scrubbing brushes is created by hand using traditional techniques in Sri Lanka.

Usage instructions: Use with hot, soapy water or just hot water. After use, rinse thoroughly, shake well and hang up in a dry place.

Dimensions approx.: 10cm x 15.5cm
Made using coir coconut fibre and a rust-proof galvanised metal core
Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
Handmade in Sri Lanka


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