f.e.t.e. EarTül Ear Cleaner


f.e.t.e. EarTül Ear Cleaner

The EarTül is f.e.t.e’s take on a brilliant and practical instrument that has been used by the people of China & Japan for generations to clean their ears.

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f.e.t.e. EarTül Ear Cleaner

Using conventional cotton buds, you tend to push the wax into your inner ear and this may cause problems and could damage the tender tissue of the eardrum. Use the EarTül once or twice a week to remove earwax visible at the entrance of the ear. Scrape out the earwax gently with the smooth spoon-shaped end of the EarTül. Do not go into the inner ear! Earwax is actually an asset to your body because it protects the eardrum, so keep it clean only when it becomes unsightly.


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