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Joanne joined our team of therapists here at Bawtry Natural Health in January and introduced me to tapping. I was a little skeptical at first and Joanne will probably tell you it took a little while for me to understand but I was open to trying EFT. Anything that makes me a better person and has the potential to make life even better is always worth a try. 

I have got to know Joanne over the past couple of months and have had a course of EFT sessions that has been freeing! Joanne comes from a background of mental health and is a Psychological Wellbeing Practioner and draws on all her skills as a PWP and an EFT practitioner to help her clients move through their problems grounded in limiting beliefs often from past experiences. I spoke to Joanne recently and asked her a few questions to understand why EFT/tapping is Joannes favourite tool for helping people work through their limiting beliefs that hold them back and how and why it works!

What first drew you to Tapping Joanne?

3 years ago while searching for self help, I came across this strange tapping thing (EFT), so I thought I’d give it a go, within minutes I started to feel lighter more at ease, I was amazed at how affective it was. I needed help with my overwhelming emotions, I was feeling stuck and totally unmotivated, I knew why because I had done my own work, but couldn’t shift that dark cloud hanging over me, everything was hard work.

Tapping created a safe space for me to explore my own emotions, I could just tap and tell my story, speak my truth, and know I would feel better and lighter afterwards. Silent tapping was also my go to, and as I tapped thoughts would come and go, I could feel my body releasing tension and tightness. 
I started to observe how healthy my body had become, so much more radiant and at ease, for the first time ever I was starting to find the real me.

What can tapping help with and how does it work?​

Tapping has no limits, and we are so lucky to have this amazing tool, so accessible to all no matter what your age. It works by tapping on end meridian acupressure points situated on the face and body, we gentle tap on these points 6/7 times moving from point to point, we can just tap in silence or we can get specific and tell our story, what happened, how we felt, what they said, and where we feel it in the body, or just state the problem.

This pain
This anger
This fear
This …………..

To evidence our work we give our belief or emotions a number from a scale 1-10 10 being the highest ( write your number down). We set it up by tapping on the side of the hand and set up a phrase;

Even though I feel this stabbing pain in my lower back. – I accept how I feel
Even though I have all of this pain in my lower back. –  I accept all of me and how I feel
Even though I have so much pain right now in my lower back, it feels so intense I don’t think it will ever get any better-I love honour and accept who I am
( focus on the pain while moving round the points).

Top of the head- this stabbing pain in my lower back, Keep tapping round the points, do at least 3 rounds. Now rate the pain on the scale 1-10 and compare it to when you first started. Has there been a shift? What thoughts came up for you? Write down what your thinking then tap on that
Even though………….. I accept how I feel 
Even though ………..I’m ok

Tapping is very forgiving you can’t get it wrong 
But to truly experience tapping you have to do it, this is how you will get your best experience. I have been blown away by my experience of tapping with Joanne. You never know what’s going to come up. My mind just took me there and tapping on the meridians and saying what I felt took the pain away. I feel free of the weight of the pressures I was putting on myself because of the beliefs I had. Being able to tap whenever and wherever means that I can have that sense of calm from anxiety when I need it.  Click the link to find out more and how to book in with Joanne.  

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